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Tourism investment consultancy cell of
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Tourism investors in Kerala.We hope that it is a must for every potential investor sho uld go through the realities of Tourism inv estment in Kerala before taking afinal decision………

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How to take decision on investment?

Decision making is the most difficult task in Business It should be done at the right time at the right occasion with a right spirit! Here are some helping tools for takinga decision in Tourisminvestment…

Get into your Dream Tourism Projects
Water Based Tourism projects

You might be heard about the common
water based Tourism projects in Kerala like Houseboats, Backwater resorts etc. But here is the chance to enter in to the unique world of Novel water based tourism projects at your finger tips .

Other Tourism service sector projects

Apart from land based & water based Tourism projects, you can also enter into this service industry as Tour operator, Travel agent, Gate way service pr ovider ,Tour Guide etc which are risk free and return assured services.

Land based tourism projects

Most of them think that Tourism is a Busine ss industry which needs huge capital invest ment. They are assuming it by seeing big hotels & Resorts….But with small investment too they can enter into the wonderful world of land based Tourism industry and get high return with low gestation period.

Spare some time in Investment Library !
Financial institutions for Tourism investment

The way to find out finance for the project is the most difficult part of the episode. Here are details of some financial institutions in India to help you out in this issue……

Formalities to start Tourism Ventures

For each Tourism project, a number of Formalities to be completed in the Go vernment/Non government level to get it approved. A thorough knowledge about this is a must for a Potential investor…

Government Aid For Tourism ventures

As a part of promoting Tourism investment in Kerala ,Government has taken many initi atives in the form of Subsidies, Financial as sistance, Guidelines etc…

Listen to Top Priority Tips
Before choosing type of Accomodation…

If you go for an accommodation unit in the form of Resorts/Villas/ Bunglaws etc,the type of construction should be based on thetheme of attractionsin that destination. A lot more has to be taken care off.

Before Choosing your destination…

Your area of investment is a prime fa ctor in determining the success of op eration of the project.Utmost care has to be taken while choosing the Desin ation for investment.

Be for Unique/viable/feasible projects.

The feasibility and viability of the project
should be studied well in advance to determine the successful running of the project. At the same time it should be un ique & cost effective also.

Focusing on Marketing.

It is the the key element in running the project successfully. Not only capital investment but Effective Marketing policies are also to be planned well in advance.

Backwater & Ayurvedic Agenda

Two important Tourism products of Kerala…It plays an important role in uplifting Kerala Tourism in the global market.         

Manpower options

As Tourism is a Hospitality industry, utmost care should be taken in appointing professionally qualified staff with full dedication & Sincerity towards the organization.

Local Involvement

While you are planning a Tourism project ,the Local involvement in that project is very important issue. Maximum cooperation from the Locals is a must to successfully run that project in that area.    

Finance controlling

A much careful planning is a must for this crucial issue.

Beware of Imitation!

It is understood from the caption itself ;but a lot of precautions are needed to overcome the threat.

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