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A bonded tourism synergy inspiring you towards the Kerala Tourism Investment Sector.

1. A new generation Tourism concept

Kerala is a land of immense natural beauty with plenty of untapped tourism potential. Though select locations have been developed in to popular tourist destinations, many scenic locations are still slumbering! The non-identification of profitable and risk less tourism ventures and lack of proper direction to private investors are the main reasons for this lacunae.

Considering this pathetic situation we, a core group of tourism professionals have decided to work for a new generation tourism concept and have thus formed TICK- tourism investment consultancy cell of kerala.

2. Objectives

    2.1 To Introduce innovative and profitable tourism ventures through potential investors in the tourism sector.

    2.2 Act as a facilitator and path finder for implementing unique tourism projects preferably in the backwater tourism sector.

3. Specialization & Experience

TICK is a team of tourism professionals who have exhibited extra ordinary performance in the tourism sector for the past one-decade. The present team of TICK has introduced many novel tourism projects for various organizations viz.

1st floating restaurant in an 84 feet Kettuvallam.
1st floating dormitory in a 72 feet Kettuvallam.
1st floating conference hall in a 72 feet Kettuvallam.
1st three bedroom houseboat in an 84 feet Kettuvallam.
1st fleet of double & single bedroom house boats.
1st house boat centre in Kerala.
1st tourist water junction in Kerala.
1st tourist gate way centre in Kerala.
1st tourist automation centre in Kerala.
1st Kayal Kala Sandhya (backwater cultural evening) in Kerala.

Plus a number of innovative tourism projects viz.

Bagala model tourist vessels (uru)
Floating nalukettus
Aqua theatre.
Centre for performing arts.
Tourist snake boats
Village villas
Coir hamlets

Several backwater pleasure cruises have also been introduced in Kerala
Dawn to Dusk ' backwater cruises between Kollam & Alappuzha.
'Kayal Pradakshin ' canal cruises.
'Kairali Darshan' ethnic tours.
'Royal Gateway'cities houseboat packages.
'Sayanthanam ' sunset cruises
'Dim light ' night cruises
'Star night ' houseboat cruises
Elite resort & houseboat package tours.

Many potential resort locations have been identified and purchased for developing into tourism resorts by private parties.

Now you know TICK can be relied on for fulfilling your dreams.

4. Field of operation

    4.1 Water Based Tourism Projects

    All unique and innovative Aqua tourism projects which assure risk less and profitable gains to the entrepreneur are recommended including: House boats, country craft cabins, Floating conference halls, Floating nalukettus, Floating dormitories, Aqua theatre, Aqua taverns, Luxury cruisers, Pleasure cruises, Water safari parks, Water sport centres, Tourist Arab vessels etc.

    4.1.1 How does TICK help you in this regard?

    Helping to choose the best project, that offers maximum possible usage by maximum number of tourists for the longest possible season.

    Helping to make the design and layout in consultation with the architect/ engineer/ artist.

    helping to identify the construction firm, which is most reliable and dependable.

    helping to negotiate with the terms and conditions mutually agreed to by both you and construction firm.

    helping to ensure quality and aesthetic outlook for the product/ service.

    helping to complete and handover the finished structure within stipulated time by the construction firm.

    helping to select the best location to operate the service in.

    helping to seek human resources for smooth running of the firm .

    helping to plan your marketing strategies to make the project a success.

    4.2 Land Based Tourism Projects

    All unique and innovative land based tourism projects which provide less capital investment, reasonably less gestation period and maximum shelf life will be recommended including: Back water resorts, Island resorts, Hill resorts, Heritage resorts, Village villas, Tree huts, Aqua taverns, Rejuvenation centers, Ayurvedic parlors, Centre for performing arts, Tourist facilitation centres, Tourist automation centres, Tourist water junctions etc.

    4.2.1 How does TICK help you in this regard?

    helping to find out the best resort locations, which have basic infrastructural facilities, highly aesthetic with low land value.

    helping to select the best optional resort concept according to the nature of the location.

    helping to choose the best architect to make your dreams come true.

    helping to complete the structures within the stipulated time schedule.

    helping to seek human resource for smooth running of the firm.

5. Team

Competent tourism professionals, popular architects & interior decorators, house boat construction firms, reputed Ayurveda-Yoga-Kalari experts, top tourism officials are part of TICK, who will guide you better than any one else.

6. TICK - Communication

All Correspondences should be directed to the following address,

S. Hrishikesh

Chief Tourism Consultant


Sree Gajanan Apartments, Phase-2
Jawahar Nagar,Cochin-682020

Cell- 09847240456

E-Mail: [email protected]


7. How will TICK become a part of your life?

Any investment in tourism is treated as speculative due to its intangible nature. When you have a tie up with TICK - your efforts will be more tangible with the heavy back up from the highly specialized tourism professional consultants in Kerala. Thus with TICK, you could become a successful tourism entrepreneur.

Know About your TICK Tourism consultant.

A well-experienced & highly professionalised team is working for you at TICK. The main Consultant Mr. Hrishikesh is a person who is visualising some thing new in the Kerala tourism horizon.

“Many non resident Indians and other business entreprenuers want to invest in Kerala tourism, but without getting the right advise on where, when and how to invest, they are hesitant or end up listening to wrong advice. If this consultancy cell can act as a pathfinder to help these investors, our team attains its goal!”


Experience in Tourism-A Retrospective!

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