TICK website is a genuine effort to help those investors seeking investment opportunities in Kerala Tourism and is definitely one of the most effective and result oriented websites. The project details given in the website are based on the most realistic factors prevailing in the industry.

Only genuine potential investors may contact as per details. In order to avoid unwanted enquiries, we have decided to fix some terms and conditions so as to begin and maintain a genuine business relationship between TICK and YOU, THE INVESTOR.

Those who prefer water based Tourism projects in full form with all the relevant details including cost benefit analysis, will have to pay Rs.10,000/- (250 USD) per project as a one time fee. This includes, the fee for chartered accountant , DTP charges, data collection charges & postal expenses.
Once the project has been approved by you, TICK will be only too happy, to give it a realistic form by providing consultation services partially or fully. But if it is only guidelines that you are looking out for, then we will be glad to serve you free of cost. But if you want TICK to supervise the entire project from its completion to making it operational, including other responsibilities like marketing strategies to be adopted, manpower recruitment etc, then you will have to pay 2.5% of the project cost as consultation fee. (This is only in the case of water based Tourism projects).
As far as land based Tourism projects are concerned, we can submit the entire project details including plan, layout, cost etc for a sum of Rs.25000/- (600 USD) in total. The cost includes the architect fee for the layout & design, DTP charges , data collection charges & postal expenses.
For land based Tourism projects, if approved in principle, we can help you select the architect for the construction works. In future discussions too, TICK will be happy to contribute its ideas & suggestions. Once the project has been finalised, TICK’s participation in the project will be complete and you will be in direct touch with the architect. Please note that all these services from TICK will be free of charge & on voluntary basis.
For land based Tourism projects, if you need marketing assistance, manpower recruitment assistance etc, you will be liable to pay a consolidated amount of Rs.50,000/-(1200 USD) towards TICK.
Once again we request you to contact us only and only if you are a genuine potential investor in Kerala Tourism.
Wishing you all the very best in your endeavors.
  S. Hrishikesh
Chief Consultant
  For more details,write to us.
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